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Reading Plan

I’m not posting this to say “can you top this?”  I decided to post what essentially is an individual exercise to encourage you in terms of your planning, and as an accountability measure for me. I’d be interested to hear what your strategies are for reading, learning, and personal growth.

I’ve always been a prolific reader.  But I’ve never done much planning to my reading.  Often, my reading lists have been somewhat predetermined, either by classes I teach, or sermon series that I preached.  However, I have come to believe that I will grow more and develop more variety in my reading and thinking than if I wander through it aimlessly deciding what to read next.  So, here’s my plan for the next 17-18 months.  These books are in addition to the ones that I will read/review for classes I teach.

Reading Plan 2013-14

 Christian Growth

  • John Owen, Psalm 130  (in progress)
  • John Owen, TBD
  • Derek Thomas,  Job Simply Explained
  • Edith Schaeffer, Tapestry

Health, Fitness, Nutrition

  • Jane Brody, Good Food Book

Biography and History

  • William Manchester and Paul Reid, Churchill: The Last Lion (in progress)
  • John Barry, Roger Williams (in progress
  •   Marshall Foster, The American Covenant
  • Thucydides, The Landmark Thucydides
  •  Victor Davis Hanson, A War Like No Other
  •  Russell Kirk, The Roots of American Order
  • Russell Kirk, The Conservative Mind


  • Chris Guillebeau, The 100 Dollar Startup
  • Chris Guillebeau, 279 Days to Overnight Success
  •  Seth Godin, Linchpin


  • Paul Tripp, A Dangerous Calling
  •  Tim Keller, Center City Churches
  •  Matt Chandler, The Explicit Gospel

Life of the Mind

  •   Cicero
  • Werner Jaeger, Paideia
  • Greg Reynolds, The Word Is Worth A Thousand Pictures


  • Tim Challies, The Next Story (in progress)
  • Nancy Pearcy, Saving Leonardo


  •  Michael Hyatt, Platform
  • At least one more book on writing
  • A book on blogging

Natural Law

  • One book


  • Moby Dick (in progress)
  • Back to Blood


  • The Wander Years
  • I’m sure I will get to other since this is one of my favorite genres


  • 1000 chapters


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