Definition of HALF-BAKED

a : poorly developed or carried out <a half–baked idea> <half–baked research> b : lacking adequate planning or forethought <a half–baked scheme for getting rich> c : lacking in judgment, intelligence, or common sense.
About the author:  Daniel Clay has been a husband to Amy for thirty-two years, father to three grown children, and Associate Pastor at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Houston, Texas.  Some of his interests are reading, travel, fitness, and following the Tottenham Hotspur of the English Premier League.
Why Half-Baked?    As a unreconstructed high school teacher, pastor, husband, and father of three young adult children with ambitions of writing, I  decided it’s time to give up the ambitions and start writing.  I enjoy a broad array of interests, and have vowed not to be shy about commenting on them!  One of my mottoes is, “you can accomplish just about anything if you lower your standards enough!”  So, there’s no time like the present to lower the standards and start churning out the prose!
Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed on this blog are solely mine, and not necessarily those of Covenant Presbyterian Church or her session

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