I’m back! With A New Motivation!

Writing and sharing my writing has troubled me in the past because it seemed so self-serving.  In the midst of working to develop a more God-centered, others-seeking ethic, I couldn’t see where writing (at least to share with other readers) quite fit in.  But rather than a self-serving, self-seeking, me-centered activity that may potentially lead to more self-serving, self-seeking, me-centered opportunities, i’m beginning to see how this activity fits in to an other-seeking ethic.

True confession — I often find the voices inside my head more interesting than the thoughts of the people around me.  So often, I prefer to retreat into my interior world than to “be present” and actively listen and interact with others.  In doing so, I’m doing them a disservice.  I’d like to get some of these voices out of my head, and if for no other reason, to be truly present with I’m interacting with the people and love the people better who surround me rather than retreating into this interior world.

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