The Things They Carried

I’m signed up for an event this Saturday called the Iron Horse 50 Mile Endurance Run.  Why I’m doing this is a subject for another post.  If 38581148-MCK_9194all goes well, I’ll be moving slowly through the piney woods of Northeast Florida for about 12-15 hours Saturday.  However, my thinking in terms of this post is, “if you had to boil your life down to survive for one day, what would you take?  What would you leave?

There are aid stations every 5.5 miles so I don’t have to carry enough food and water for 50 miles — only for 5.5.  There’s also a drop bag point at 25 miles to pick up gear that will be needed for the rest of the journey.  So, it’s not nearly as extreme as it could be.  Yet for some who is fifty years old and 220 lbs., this will be quite a test of mind, body, and will.  Weather-wise, the low is supposed to be around 55 F and the high about 78 F.  So, here goes:

For Event Itself 

Patagonia tech shirt

Pearl Izumi infinity shorts

Drymax socks

Hoka One One Stinson Evo 12.5 (yes, they look like clown shoes but they feel really great!


Wicked Skins Sleeves

Ultimate Direction 2 bottle pack

Dirty Girl gaiters


Visor or headband

4 gels or so

small vial of bag balm

Hammer Gels

Watch (maybe — could stress me out!  Also, I’m slow enough that a calendar might be more useful)

Safety pins (for number and to pop blisters)


For drop bag

Bag Balm container

Drymax socks

Compression shorts

Short sleeve tech shirt

long sleeve tech shirt

Headlight (yes, I will be out after dark!)



Massage stick

More gels

More Hammergels

Ipod (questionable — I don’t usually run with music, especially on trails, but it may get me through!)


Before and after

Camp chair

Yoga mat


Change of clothes

Something warm

Compression Socks


Coca Cola

One thought on “The Things They Carried

  1. zinnrunning says:

    Big props to you! I will one day do a ultra too!


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