Annual Review

Below is my annual review for 2012.  I publish this, not because I think I did a great job or had an enormously successful year, but so that if you are looking to do something like this, this is a way to do it.  I’m sure there are better ways to do this, but I thought I start with what I have.  I would enjoy any comments or feedback that you would like to send my way.

2012:  What went well?

Determined to preserve current life situation — place, income, lifestyle

Completed a marathon with Hannah (Charleston, January)

Entered Chattanooga Stage Race and completed first stage under cutoff time

Completed 2 50 K races

Signed up for a 50 mile race

Personal best in Half-Marathon

Read 27 books

Preached 23 times

Organized church missions conference

Taught Getting Things Done seminar at Providence Extension Program  (the organization I teach for) annual meeting

Taught six classes at Providence Extension Program with perfect attendance

Support role in new Providence Extension Program campus start

Augmented GTD with life, long-term goals, annual review, and planning

Started 10 chapters per day Bible reading plan

Started journaling consistently

Organized and executed church missions conference

Stayed Healthy

Got Hannah off to college

Stuart had excellent SAT score

Started blog

Contentment level = highest ever

Did a better job identifying the onset of anger and preserving mental health

Stayed out of debt

Started contributing to retirement again


What didn’t go well?

Both Amy and Hannah were hospitalized this summer

One of my classes needs a redesign

My income went down so Amy has had to work more

Got cable?


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