More on Annual Plan

The annual plan will be ready to ship soon!  I’ll link to it in case some of you want to use it as a model.  I mention this because I did an internet search on “personal annual plan” and didn’t find much that was useful.

I do want to mention something that was helpful to me method-wise.  Chris Guillebeau at The Art of Non Conformity advocates getting away from the world for a week or so to do annual planning.  I did that for doing annual plans for churches and found that the finished product didn’t bear much resemblance to what I felt were the result areas we most needed to work in.  What I’ve found helpful is to jot ideas down as they come to me (either the notepad feature on the iPhone or a junior size legal pad works for this), file them, and pull them out of the file in order to put the plan together.  This way, ideas have time to germinate and I’m not under the pressure to create something out of nothing.  This has been an immensely helpful modification to Guillebeau’s plan and has really moved me forward in this.


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