Getting Things Done

I am a devotee of David Allen’s Getting Things Done.  I began implementing his system of organization and productivity when I was transitioning to doing freelance work back in 2007.  The initial effect was a quantum increase of organization, productivity, necessary tasks not falling through the cracks, and free time.

The main idea of Getting Things Done is that you get all of your commitments out of your head and into a trusted system so that you can precisely define the stuff that is in your head, turn it in to concrete actions, and have it on a list you can trust, rather than cycling through your brain taking up needed cognitive energy and space. So far, so good.

My difficulty lately has been that I’m collecting alot of lists, but not doing much about them.  I’m beginning to wonder if getting all of these ideas out of my head merely multiplies guilt and frustration rather than increasing productivity.  Am I really “getting things done”?  Or am I like a 500 pound man who owns a whole library of diet books but doesn’t follow through on his knowledge base?

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