2012-13 Barclay’s Premier League Predictions: Part Six

Genuine Contenders:  Not much separates the top three, but here goes:

3.  Chelsea:  Chelsea is a squad still in transition.  Roberto Di Matteo is an upgrade from his predecessor as manager.  Roman Abramovich will break the bank to purchase the talent needed to win the title and to defend the improbable Champions League triumph.  Chelsea has a deep enough bench, along with City and United, to genuinely rotate their squad.  However, I’m looking for a mental letdown that will lead to a mini-slump.  This will enable City and United to achieve separation from them.

2.  Manchester City:  City will make every effort to defend their title.  They will upgrade where needed.  However, United will be hungrier and this will make the difference.

1.  Manchester United:  They do not have quite the level of talent that the other contending clubs do, but they do have Sir Alex Ferguson.  After a subpar year last year, their manager and the hunger of this squad for the title will pull them to the top.

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